I was in contact with Carmen regarding a connection with my mom that passed in February 2018. She managed to make contact with my mom, and the information I received back was absolutely mind blowing and accurate. I could put my heart at ease after the feedback I received, as I now know that my mom is going through her stages in the afterlife, mending and healing her soul. I would most definitely recommend anyone to make contact with Abundant Life. – Annie

Carmen knew absolutely nothing about myself or my late brother, she connected with him through a photograph and everything she mentioned of the past, I could validate. The messages from my brother were very "him" and have brought much comfort. – Rene
Carmen did a crossing over with my father a couple of weeks after he passed and the first thing he said was that he is worried about my stepmom as she is not coping, that she is struggling with anxiety and a concern about her heart. My stepmom never let me know about these issues, so when I contacted her she did indeed have 3 EKG’s and was put on an anti anxiety drug for her panic attacks. The fact that this information came through so exact and was verified, validated the connection and other communication she channeled to me. Thank you, it really helps to know he is with me… - Carin

Just had a crystal healing session and tarot reading with Carmen. Without prior knowledge she picked up all issues and after the treatment I can honestly say I feel a huge shift has taken place. She is a powerful healer. 
The tarot reading was scarily accurate and a huge help in some important decisions coming up this week in my business. 
I am so glad to have Carmen in my life and know I will use her services continuously going forward. – Esta

Absolutely amazing experience. Felt extreme lightness afterwards. Highly recommended. – Casper
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