Carmen Tosca

Welcome to my site where you can find my services to assist with Physical and Emotional Wellbeing and Healing.

I am a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor. 
Connecting with your loved ones on the other side can bring much comfort in the healing process as well as answers to unresolved issues. 
During an Intuitive Counseling Reading, I connect with your guides and Spirit to channel the relevant and needed information for your life situation. The way I work is to become aware of and address the root cause of why something is not in harmony.
Tarot cards are mostly incorporated in this session that gives a complete visual of the energies playing out and influencing the circumstances.

Reading can be done in person or distantly and online.
  • Intuitive Counseling Sessions
  • Mediumship (Crossing over)
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Crystal Surgery on request
  • Energy Blocks Clearings in House / Office
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